Friday, August 28, 2009

My first Friday evening in Chapel Hill: a reception

Tonight is a reception at John Stephens’ house. John Stephens is the executive director of the Centre of European Studies and, for those of you who attended Andre Krouwel’s course in Political Sociology, the first Stephens in Rueschemeyer, Stephens and Stephens; the authors of Capitalism and Democracy. He and his wife Evelyne Huber (also a professor here) host the TAM beginning of the year reception. TAM is a master’s programme which requires students to spend one year of their studies at a European University. One of my classmates (the TAM students attend PhD courses) is going to stay in Amsterdam next year and has just had his first Dutch class. Some of what he says sounds indeed a bit Dutch….

By the end of this first week I have more or less sorted out my classes. I will attend Liesbet’s class in European politics as I wrote before. Furthermore I will take a Statistics/ Math course and Gary’s course in Scope and Methods. The other students take four courses (one TAM student even six – but the other students have predicted he will not survive the end of the semester), but since I have VU-obligations as well, three will give me a busy enough schedule.

I am about the finish my Starbucks breakfast and it’s time to do some work.